Hibiscus Mahajád 50ml


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Hibiscus MahaJád by Maison Crivelli is inspired by the tasting of a hibiscus tea in the heart of a gemstone market, it sees a flamboyant floral duo of hibiscus and rose contrast with the softness of vanilla beans, leather, and musk.

This special fragrance takes you away and floods you with a feeling of happiness and liveliness.

The surprising contrast: a hibiscus/rose floral duo contrasts with leather and the softness of vanilla beans.

Key raw materials: Rose Damascena absolute, vanilla  absolute, leather, spearmint  essential oil, cassis, ambrette seeds absolute, cinnamon essential oil.


Notes: hibiscus, rose, vanilla beans, leather, musk.


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Hibiscus Mahajád

Hibiscus Mahajád 50ml