As the name would suggest, Cologne Absolute is Tom Daxon's take on a classic cologne, a fragrance at once supremely respectful of tradition and not at all beholden to it. A beautifully rendered vision of soaring neroli layered with tart citrus, sharp aromatics and soft white flowers over an earthy base of patchouli and cypriol, Cologne Absolute conjures up the delightful feel of a jaunt to Italy in summertime; an easy, relaxed well-being that brightens and invigorates. It's fresh and sparkling and sunny. Unlike traditional colognes, however, Tom has taken these elements and distilled them into an Eau de Parfum strength elixir that keeps that magical, neroli-drenched sunshine lasting well into the evening hours.

Size 100ml Edp
Ingredients Notes: Neroli, bergamot, tarragon, green violet leaf, lemon petitgrain, jasmine, lily of the valley, givescone, patchouli, cypriol.

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