Tom Daxon

Tom Daxon is a British fragrance house founded by Tom Daxon Bowers in 2013. Using the experience passed on from his mother, long time creative director at Molton Brown, and working with the perfumers he met through her as a child; Tom Daxon makes award winning fragrances with a modern, understated approach. “Cost and time are never considered,” he says of his production process – each perfume is blended with oils in France and matured in England for at least six weeks before it is bottled.

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Tom Daxon Cologne Absolute 100ml

As the name would suggest, Cologne Absolute is Tom Daxon's take on a classic cologne, a fragrance at..

Tom Daxon Crushing Bloom 100ml

A glorious spicy sparkling rose which dazzles and seduces: gloriously crisp green top notes of mugue..

Tom Daxon Magnolia Heights 100ml

Endless magnolia lined avenues.A perception of a magnolia tree in full bloom. Magnolia flower oil’s ..

Tom Daxon Salvia Sclarea 100ml

A sweeping wind of brilliant spring green. Salvia sclarea is the botanical name for clary sage, and ..

Tom Daxon Vachetta 100ml

All the notes of leather; amplified. A Lapsang Souchong accord; smoky, dark and delicately spiced co..
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