The Wedding Edition

The time of year has come when most of us have at least one wedding in our agenda to attend. Whether you are a Bride, Groom or Guest, we will suggest you some Perfumes, Skincare and Makeup for the big day. 


A perfume is like a bottle of memories. As such, we want it to keep our most intense, intimate and special experiences so that if one day our memory fails us, the perfume will help us to remember. That’s why choosing your wedding perfume is so important.

In the case of the Bride and Groom, we have two ways to go: either we use a perfume that marks the relationship, or we use a completely new perfume to remind us of this special day. In the latter case, it is important that the choice falls on a memorable, romantic and long-lasting perfume, so that you do not have to worry about reapplying it during the day.

For the Bride, we suggest Lust In Paradise from Ex Nihilo, a fruity floral perfume, very romantic and delicate, with excellent fixation and sillage. Cire Trudon's Elae is an ultra feminine and luminous fragrance, with notes of jasmine, ylang-ylang and neroli; a true bouquet of white flowers perfect for the occasion. If you want to take more of a risk, we suggest the French Flower by Matiere Premiere which has a beautiful trail of tuberose and pear contrasting with the bitterness of ginger and green tea, an unexpected match, perfect for making the day more memorable.

For the more classic Groom who wants something unique, we recommend Darwin from Fueguia 1833 a brand that will bring you a breeze of freshness throughout the day; celebrating the notes of cedar, grape and vetiver. For the cool, discreet Groom Genetic Bliss from the 27 87 Parfums brand is ideal, as it is a molecular perfume that adapts to the PH of the body creating a unique, fresh and slightly woody scent. If we had to choose one for the most daring but risk-free Groom, Maison Crivelli's Santal Volcanique will not leave anyone indifferent.  

In the case of being a guest, the choice is much freer. As long as it doesn't overshadow the Bride and Groom, everything counts.




Whether or not you choose to wear makeup on your wedding day, we can all agree that if there is ever a day when your skin needs to be taken care of, this is it. For both Bride and Groom! Yes, because the skin is one of the largest organs in the human body and we should all be concerned about taking care of it!

From experience, we recommend planning two pre-wedding facials with your facialist, the final treatment prior to the wedding date, at least two weeks in advance so to prevent any redness.

You can schedule your facials at our Aesthetic Suites in Chiado or Avenida, taking into account the location that is most convenient for you. You can do it here:

In addition to cleaning the skin in advance, closer to the day we also suggest:
Glow Kit Dr. Barbara Sturm which provides a complete 7 step skin routine focused on an ultra-luminous complexion that will give you an enviable glow;
La Fervance Eclat Extraordinaire is a moisturizing balm that blurs the effects of aging while giving the complexion a natural glow. This balm contains 23k Italian gold particles that will reflect light and provide a glow worthy of this important day;
– More aimed for the Groom, we advise at least one good moisturizing cream. Susanne Kaufmann’s Moisturizing Gel Line M is a great option as it instantly hydrates while leaving a light feeling on the skin.


The best look you can wear is being the best version of yourself. If you think that makeup helps on that we are going to give you some advice on some key products for your wedding.

The key to timeless makeup you’ll love forever is enhancing your natural beauty rather than a big, sudden transformation

Who said the Groom shouldn't wear makeup to a wedding? A dark circles corrector is essential to look awake and save you from a possible sleepless night due to the excitement and the adrenaline before the big day. The Vital Skin Foundation by Westman Atelier will be your best friend!

In addition to that, we also recommend a mattifying powder to prevent unwanted light reflections in photos and to allow you to have a perfected complexion, as you can opt for a powder with very little pigment. The new Westman Atelier’s Vital Pressed Skincare Powder gives you the option of choosing a translucent powder that gives you a more even skin tone.

Skinlife Westman Atelier Lip Suede Les Rouges min

Although the above advice also applies to the Bride, we still advise the Bride to take a lipstick that could change towards the end of the evening when the atmosphere starts to become more relaxed. Thus, the Les Rouges palette from the Westman Atelier brand will be ideal for having several tonal options. Not to mention… it’s amazing!

Finally, a highlighter will give your skin a youthful, fresh, juicy and angelic look. Westman Atelier’s Super Loaded Tinted Higlight nourishes and treats the skin while enhancing its natural glow.

Don`t foget that joy translates into looking extra beautiful no matter what. At the end of the day trust that it all works out!

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