The rolling motion stimulates lymphatic drainage and collagen production, boosts blood circulation and helps to eliminate toxins, which ‘lifts and sculpts’ the face and neck. Rolling the eye-area reduces dark circles and depuffs under-eye bags – a lifesaver on those tough early mornings! Rolling will also make a difference to the texture, tone and clarity of your complexion, leaving your face with that desirable natural glow.

After regular use this baby will even reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The rollers enable you to bring a luxurious spa experience to the comfort of your own home - adding a little ‘me time’ in your busy daily schedules.

In the evening we love using it to roll-in our serum or moisturizer, as it enhances the absorption of your product (not to mention it simply feels heavenly). A little bit of self-love has never been so easy.

Added bonus: The roller comes with a custom travel pouch, which will keep it safe while you’re on the road.

Ingredients 100% Rose Quartz

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