You know it’s important to hit the gym for that healthy body, but why not think about a workout for your face? All the way from Asia, this ancient beauty ritual does the trick while massaging the skin and underlying muscles. Amethyst is known as the protective stone. It clears and focuses the mind.

What is the difference between the Jade, the Rose Quartz and the Amethyst Roller?
All rollers have the same soothing benefits that facial rolling provides. However, there are differences related to the type of material, stone (Jade) vs. crystal (Rose Quartz and Amethyst). The difference between them can be found in their different energy fields from a holistic healing point of view. Jade is known to help relax the nervous system and eliminates toxins from the skin. It is also believed to balance the body & mind connection and dispel bad energy. The Rose Quartz crystal is commonly referred to as the love-stone: it heals and attracts self-love and love for others, raises self-esteem and restores confidence. On top of that ancient Egyptians trusted Rose Quartz to have anti-aging properties. Amethyst is a powerful quartz known for its spiritual protection and purification. It protects, quiets the mind and helps to control addictions. Rose Quartz and Amethyst are slightly more rare to source than Jade, which explains the price difference.

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