Santalum Ambiance Trigger


Room Spray 1000ml

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This new ambiance fragrance Santalum is built around the rich smell of Sandalwood that with its unique character of warm creaminess and soft sweet accents wraps itself around darker balsamic and spicy notes of Opoponax and Cardamom. The result is a lingering aura that leaves a deep and lasting imprint.

Unlike any other fragrance, Santalum is able to turn a space into a beacon of peaceful relaxation stemming from the comforting qualities of its creamy woody character. Like all of ZENOLOGY’s iconic fragrances, Santalum is a brush with which anyone can draw their living environments and clearly set their signature.

How to Use

A few spritzes in the air will immediately enhance the ambiance of a room, adding a sophisticated touch to any and every occasion. Other diffusion methods: Spray a cold light bulb or non-electric radiator with the spray so when you switch it on, the heat warms up the scent and diffuses it gently.


Notes: sandalwood, cardamom, opoponax.


Santalum Ambiance Trigger