Vicebomb Eau de Parfum Intense


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Vicebomb Eau de Parfum Intense is a gourmand fragrance by Simone Andreoli, inspired by the essence of twilight vice; intense and overwhelming.

An insatiable addiction embraces the sins of gluttony and lust with a heady black cherry that impetuously sinks into creamy vanilla ice cream. Accents of salted caramel crystallize, teasing the palate and drawing the mind towards temptation.

A libertine sweetness enhanced by tonka bean, ylang-ylang and soft amber sculpt sinuous shapes like sensual bodies that intertwine. Vicebomb is the essence of twilight vice; intense and overwhelming.

Olfactory Notes

HEAD NOTESDark Cherry, Red Fruits, Salty Caramel
HEART NOTESVanilla Cream, Pink Sugar, Ylang-Ylang
BASE NOTESPrecious Woods, Tonka Bean and Amber

How to Apply

Apply perfume to areas where you feel your heartbeat, such as your wrist and neck. You can mist the perfume on the clothing, to let the scent remain longer. With eau de parfum, extrait de parfum and perfume, perfume is only worn on the skin, because oils need skin to retain fragrance. Cologne and Eau de toilette can be sprayed on clothing.

Note: If the perfume has a strong colour concentration, do not mist on light clothing.


Alcohol, Parfum (Limonene, Citronellol, Coumarin, Geraniol, Benzyl Alcohol, Linalool) Aqua, Diethyl phthalate.

Vicebomb Eau de Parfum

Vicebomb Eau de Parfum Intense


In stock