Next Memory Beige Jasmin over Leather Scented Candle

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Inside a leather atelier in Alcanena, the ‘Land of Leather’, the walls are lined with steel shelves, sheet leather cut in shapes hanging in production rows on the other. Down the center, a long wooden workbench littered with tool blocks, nails and multicolored filers. It smells like cigarettes, and musty leather.

Blueberry gives a fresh opening to the smoky and vibrant Leather and an accent of the finest Moss and soft Patchouli infuses the fragrance.

Next Memory candles are both beautiful decorative objects and powerful fragrance diffusers. Art and craftsmanship combine to create this collection of highly scented decorative candles. Created from natural oils and essences, blended and poured by hand. The jar in matte porcelain has a minimalistic feel. Crafted entirely by hand at Atelier Studio K, meaning every single jar is unique and meant to last and re-used.

Vegetal and mineral waxes are used in a unique blend to optimally diffuse each of our scents to their highest olfactory potential.


Notes: violet, iris, musk, jasmine, suede, sandalwood, patchouli, tobacco, amber.

Take Care

Trim the wick each time before lighting for a longer, cleaner burn. On the first time of lighting, allow the candle to burn until the wax has pooled right to the edge. This will allow for an even burn in future. Burn time approximately 45 hours.


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Next Memory Beige Jasmin over Leather Scented Candle


Out of stock