Khaki Olive over Thyme Room Spray 500ml


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One of the oldest standing building in the City. The sun gets in through the rose windows to lighten up the senses. Thurible filled with Frankincense, altar candles burning and the scent of ancient mossy stone-walls of the cathedral creating a Holy perfume that brings peace to our souls.

Khaki Olive over Thyme Room Spray is a unique blend of green olives and olive leaf intertwined with soft herbal lemon thyme, bergamot and notes of musk and amber.

Khaki Olive over Thyme room sprays are in decorative bottles that are good looking enough to be left out where you’ll be more likely to use it. You can personalize your scent by layering it with another. Try adding warmth or a touch of freshness.


Notes: bergamot, lime, olive leaf, lemon, thyme, sandalwood, rose, amber, musk.

Take Care

Open and close the spray pump by turning the small round button on the front. Hold upright and spray around the room. Do not spray or place on fragile objects or burning objects. Close the nozzle after use.

Khaki Olive over Thyme Room Spray

Khaki Olive over Thyme Room Spray 500ml