Gold Leather over Oudh Scented Candle


Scented Candle 220gr


The Gold Leather over Oudh Home Collection is the perfect way to add a touch of classic elegance to your living space.

This luxurious collection includes a beautifully designed diffuser, room spray and a candle, both of which feature a sumptuous blend of leather and Oudh. This scent is inspired by the old shoemakers’ houses where leather was worked into beautiful shoes, and it is sure to evoke fond memories of times gone by. The warm, rich aroma of leather is perfectly complemented by the earthy, woody notes of Oudh, creating a timeless, sophisticated scent that will imbue any room with a sense of refinement and style.

So why not treat yourself to the “Gold Leather over Oudh” Home Collection today and bring a touch of classic charm into your life?

Olfactory Notes

HEAD NOTESLeather, Birch
HEART NOTESFloral, Orris
BASE NOTESWoody, Cedarwood, Musk

How to Use

Always let the scented candle burn until the entire surface is liquid. After blowing out the wick, center it. Before lighting the wick again, cut it with a wick trimmer. By consistently burning the scented candle in this way, the candle will burn slower, and it will burn out completely.

Note: Do not place the candle in a draft or directly on a glass or marble surface. Never leave the candle unattended, and do not move or tilt it. Keep out of the reach from children.

Gold Leather Over Oudh

Gold Leather over Oudh Scented Candle