Emerald Mint over Basil Diffuser



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The Emerald Mint Over Basil Home Collection is the perfect way to add a touch of classic elegance to your living space.

Introducing the captivating Emerald Mint Over Basil Home Collection, a harmonious olfactory journey inspired by the profound influence of the Moors on the enchanting landscapes of Portugal. Imbued with the essence of Moorish opulence and the tranquil beauty of the Portuguese countryside, this collection of room sprays and diffusers will transport you to a realm of sensory delight.

Portugal was greatly impacted by the Moors, who brought with them new crops such as herbs and citrus fruits that eventually became integral parts of Portuguese culture. The Emerald Mint Collection honors this influence by encapsulating the essence of the aromatic and fresh herbs and spices.

The invigorating mint fragrance is perfectly balanced with the earthy notes of aromatic herbs and the bright citrus undertones, creating a signature scent that will infuse any space with a sense of refinement and style.



How to Use

It is important to use all the sticks supplied with the chosen fragrance. It is recommended not to use fewer sticks than are supplied.

On first use, it is necessary to let the sticks soak for an hour and then turn them over.

To adjust the intensity of the home fragrance, all or part of the sticks must be turned one or more times a week.

Olfactory Notes

BASE NOTESAromatic Herbs, Clove
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Emerald Mint over Basil Diffuser

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