B683, Eau de Parfum​


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Created in 2016 by the perfumer Quentin Bisch, B683 is the first perfume from the Maison MARC-ANTOINE BARROIS. Blending spicy notes of black pepper, chili and saffron, with subtile leather enhanced by violet leaves, the scent of this frangance evolves towards woody notes of sandalwood and patchouli. This is an elegant and refined signature, which remains a great and beautiful classic, revisited by two talented young designers.​

“A perfume like a heady sobriety.” – Marc-Antoine Barrois, Founder and Artistic Director. ​

All perfumes are 100% made in France.

About the Brand

MARC-ANTOINE BARROIS perfumes are the result of the friendship between the French couturier and artistic director Marc-Antoine Barrois and the perfumer Quentin Bisch. Since 2016, their creative bond has resulted in exceptional perfumes with a unique and memorable signature. The exquisite quality of these fragrances offer remarkable permanence on the skin and trail.


Top: black peper, chilli
Heart: leather, safran
Base: patchouli, sandal wood, oak moss

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B683, Eau de Parfum​

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