Osmanthe Kōdoshān Eau de Parfum


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Osmanthe Kodoshan Eau de Parfum takes you back to the basics of scent to allow you to truly revel in its mysticism.

Maison Crivelli, a new French Haute Parfumerie House, takes inspiration from unexpected discoveries of perfume raw materials, offering  a collection of  surprising, sensorial creations full of contrasts.

Osmanthe Kodoshan is inspired by an unexpected discovery of osmanthus flowers on a tropical mountain shrouded in mist. Osmanthus reveals its leather facet, which contrasts with verdant and woody notes, composing a mystical and meditative accord.

Olfactive Notes

Key raw materials: Star anise essential oil, Sichuan pepper essential oil, Osmanthus absolute, Black tea absolute, Patchouli essential oil, Tobacco absolute, Cistus absolute.

Osmanthe Kodoshan Eau de Parfum

Osmanthe Kōdoshān Eau de Parfum

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