Ambre Chromatique Extrait de Parfum


Extrait de Parfum 50ml

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Ambre Chromatique

Rainbow jungle, a spicy trek, vanilla vines, cut multicolored bark: a golden resin.
Pointed flowers, a davana pigment, sunlike feathers, an akigala leaf. An amber colorama.

The experience: a trek through multicolored jungles in search of benzoin resin.
The surprising contrast: vivid, resinous facets contrast with a warm amber accord.
Fragrance family: amber, spicy and woody perfume extract (vegan).
Key raw materials: ORPUR incense essential oil, CO2 extract of pink peppercorn, davana essential oil, ORPUR osmanthus absolute, ORPUR benzoin absolute, Bourbon vanilla absolute, Akigala wood.


Top notes: incense, pink peppercorn

Heart notes: davana, osmanthus

Base notes: ambre, benzoin, vanilla bourbon

Ambre Chromatique Extrait de Parfum Maison Crivelli

Ambre Chromatique Extrait de Parfum