Haas Mojave Palm Candle


Scented Candle 350g



The signature Mojave Palm fragrance developed with perfumer Yann Vasnier fills your space with dry, woodsy notes native to the desert. Candles are hand-poured into porcelain vessels detailed with 24K gold.

Mojave Palm fragrance with dry, woodsy notes native to the desert. The relief pattern on the transulcent porcelain vessel produces an enchanting effect- as the wax burns, light radiates through, transforming the sculpted scene into a glowing desert.

Burn Time: 87 hours

Olfactory Notes

Papyrus immortelle, Bay laurel, Coriander, Green notesHEAD NOTES
Juniper, Cypress, Cinnamon, Atlas cedarHEART NOTES
Guaiac wood, Patchouli, Fir balsam, Frankincense, CistusBASE NOTES


How to take care?

All L’OBJET collections are made with exceptional materials, and with proper use and care, will last for generations. Dust with a soft cloth.

After candle has burned completely through, place container under hot water to dissolve remaining wax. The vessel can then serve as a decorative box.

Do not leave candle burning unattended.

More details

  • 3.5 D x 4.25 H in – 12.5oz (9 D x 11 H cm – 350g)
  • Presented in a luxury gift box
  • Burn Time: 87 hours
  • Fragrance: Mojave Palm
  • Fine Porcelain, Brass Lid, 24k Gold, Paraffin Wax with Single Wick
Haas Mojave Palm Candle LObjet

Haas Mojave Palm Candle