Organic Cleansing Oil

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LHOV Organic Cleansing Oil. Crafted from oily extracts of Hubertia ambavilla, the Ambaville cleansing oil from LHOV ensures flawless make-up removal and cleansing of the skin, while remaining gentle. The oil becomes a lotion when in contact with the warmth of the skin.

Thanks to its vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants, the oily macerate of the d’Hubertia ambavilla leaves preserves the youthfulness of the skin and prevents the appearance of pigmentation spots.

Sensitive, atopic or blemished skin benefits from the regulating and protective action of Hubertia ambavilla extracts and organic sunflower oil.

This make-up remover oil is a luxury treatment in its own right, ideal for skin in search of perfection.

How to Use

Pour a few drops in the palm of your hand. Gently massage the face using circular movements on the skin and around the eyes. Wet with clear water to transform the oil into milk. Remove the cleansing oil using a tissue or a soft cloth.

LHOV Organic Cleansing Oil

Organic Cleansing Oil