Kinfill Multi Surface Cleaner Pine Husk


500ml Bottle + 10ml Concentrate



Kinfill Multi Surface Cleaner is an eco-friendly all-purpose cleaning product. It eliminates dirt and grease, and ensures objects and surfaces around the house are clean and fresh. Its gentle, concentrated formulation makes it suitable for use on any hard surface, from wooden coffee tables to marble countertops. The Kinfill Starter Kit comes with a glass Forever Bottle, a trigger sprayer, a cleaning concentrate and a rubber bottle protector.

How to Use

Before you start cleaning, complete the following steps:
1. Pour the cleaning concentrate into the Forever Bottle.
2. Fill the bottle to the neck with cold water.
3. Mix by shaking the bottle gently.

The Spray is now ready for use.


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Kinfill Multi Surface Cleaner Pine Husk