Kinfill Glass & Mirror Cleaner Cucumis


500ml Bottle + 10ml Concentrate



Kinfill Glass & Mirror Spray is a biodegradable cleaning agent specially developed for cleaning glass and mirrors. Created in response to the alarming problem with single-use plastic. The cleaning concentrate is made to be diluted with water at home in the specially designed glass reusable bottles. The cleaning concentrates have a proven powerful formula, without the use of aggressive chemicals. A glass cleaner that ensures a crystal clear result: clean windows and mirrors. With the cucumis aroma you are guaranteed to bring in a natural, fresh scent. The spray can be used on any glass surface. The Kinfill Starter Kit comes with a glass Forever Bottle, a trigger sprayer, a cleaning concentrate and a rubber bottle protector.

How to Use

Before you start cleaning, complete the following steps:
1. Pour the cleaning concentrate into the Forever Bottle.
2. Fill the bottle to the neck with cold water.
3. Mix by shaking the bottle gently.

The Spray is now ready for use.


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Kinfill Glass & Mirror Cleaner Cucumis