Collagen Sleeping Mask


Sleeping Mask 25ml



HIDEHERE Skin Care is based on key ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins and four patented ingredients. In addition each product contains more than 5 kinds of natural herbal ingredients. All products are composed of functional products such as whitening, wrinkle improvement, and UV protection.

HIDEHERE would like to give pleasure to many people around the world with reasonable prices, for a better products with the only investment in quality instead of unnecessary pretension.
HIDEHERE is wearing a new concept of spout pouch, breaking away from cosmetics containers that are not really important to keep the well-organized good ingredients intact while lowering the price of expensive cosmetics.
This ‘light’ product that breaks away from heavy containers will lead not only the cosmetics market, but also a new lifestyle more focused on the essence.

– Convenience: With little weight and bulk packaging, you can use it as a daily item anytime, anywhere, such as going out, traveling, and outdoor activities.
– Safety: This is a hygienic package that keeps functional cosmetics in optimal condition by preventing rancidity due to air contact after opening.
– Cost-effectiveness: This is a reasonably priced cosmetic product that takes away from the glass or plastic container that occupies a high proportion of the cosmetic price.
– Aesthetic: Intuitive graphic design and natural texture patented materials provide freshness to consumers

How to Apply

After basic skincare, apply evenly to face and rinse off next morning.

Nourishes stressed and dry skin overnight
Brightens dull skin
Wrinkle improvement
Soothes sensitive skin

Key ingredients

Hydrolyzed Collagen & 5-Peptide Complex

Collagen Sleeping Mask Hidehere

Collagen Sleeping Mask