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Deep, sophisticated scent of vintage wood & leather

Fueguia 1833 Jacarandá was created to evoke the mystical scent of a warm guitar after it has been played for a couple of hours.

This perfume is particularly close to the heart of creator Julian Bedel, who was a luthier prior to delving into fragrance and continues to be a passionate admirer of vintage guitars. He writes, “The scent reproduces the characteristic sound of a vintage guitar and makes the beautiful silence disappear. Music controls the emotional gravity in a room full of sound elements, while a guitar player is a hero, and there is always something unique in his hypnotizing sound.”

Jacarandá’s composition features 100% natural ingredients and achieves a sense of depth without any musks, instead relying on exotic hard woods that are typically used in the construction of 19th century guitars. These woods — Brazilian rosewood and Mahogany — are mainly found in South America, and they form the base of the fragrance’s sophisticated chypre accord. The scent is deep, almost resinous, without any spice: as Julian says, “To me, it’s the epitome of masculinity and sophistication.” The fact that it has been made for men and women alike adds to its singularity.

This is one of those fragrances that everyone notices right away, both for its naturally deep red color and for its captivating depth. It truly does evoke the scent of a vintage guitar with a warm leather strap (the smell of which comes from birch wood).

The full size (50 ml) is hand-filled in glass in Italy, then packaged by hand in Fueguia’s iconic wooden box. Each limited-edition batch of Jacarandá is unique, and your bottle — one of just 400 like it — will be engraved with a specific year and batch number.

Main Olfactory Family: Wood
Secondary Olfactory Family: Leather

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