Fueguia 1833 Milonga Verde Eau de Parfum


Milonga Verde is a woody-green fragrance with notes of algarrobo, lapacho rosado and jacaranda leaves. Courtesy of Fuegia 1833.

Size: 50ml



Paying homage to his Argentinian heritage Julian Bedel, the founder of Fueguia 1833, brings a bright new fragrance to your edit. Milonga is a traditional Argentinian ballroom dance that often precedes the tango, so it only seems fitting that the perfumer’s Milonga Verde eau de parfum dances on the pulse points with every wear. Infused with algarro, lapacho rosado and jacarandá leaves, this intriguing aroma is sure to delight the senses.

The full size (50 ml) is hand-filled in glass in Italy, then packaged by hand in Fueguia’s iconic wooden box. Each limited-edition batch of Valle de la Luna is unique, and your bottle — one of only 400 just like it — will be engraved with a specific year and batch number.


Base notes: Jacaranda leaves

Middle notes: Lapacho rosado

Top notes: Algarrobo

milongaverde 1

Fueguia 1833 Milonga Verde Eau de Parfum