Dunas de un Cuerpo

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Warm, amber fragrance with an oud base

Fueguia 1833 Dunas de un Cuerpo is a pure amber fragrance that is solidly in the resin family: unisex, and very warm, but without any gourmand or musky notes that are often found in similarly dark, warm fragrances.

Creator Julian Bedel designed it to evoke the scent of youthful summer nights: “To recall midsummer is to remember not just memories, but shapes. The curve of a figure against the curve of the dunes. Seascapes that seem to mirror their midsummer inhabitants. In the air, a composition of pure amber, reminiscent of a swim in the Atlantic.”

Dunas de un Cuerpo’s main note is oud, a dark, fragrant, valuable resin from the Aquilaria tree — a genus that includes 15 different varieties. Olibanum, or frankincense, adds rich, aromatic earthiness with undertones of citrus and spice; sandalwood adds a sense of creaminess.

The Fueguia 1833 team chose this fragrance for us in searching for a warm, amber scent that would fit with our collection. When we smelled this gorgeous creation, we thought, “They know us so well already.” It adds a unique dimension to the Fueguia collection on our shelves, but it fits right in.

The full size (50 ml) is hand-filled in glass in Italy, then packaged by hand in Fueguia’s iconic wooden box. Each limited-edition batch of Dunas de un Cuerpo is unique, and your bottle — one of just 400 like it — will be engraved with a specific year and batch number.

Main Olfactory Family: Amber
Secondary Olfactory Family: Oud


Tonic note: Oud
Dominant note: Olibanum
Sub Dominant: Sandalwood

Fueguia 1833 DunasdeunCuerpo 50ml SKINLIFE

Dunas de un Cuerpo


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