Mini Mask Collection 3 x 30ml Masks

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Are you a period, tired and sweaty faace candidate and keen to try all three of our hero masks?

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Tired faace

(AKA parent faace, hungover faace, overworked faace, jet-lag faace, break-up faace, don’t-know-why-I’m-not-sleeping faace)

Transform tired complexions into luminous, glossy and glowing with caffeine, aloe vera, vegetable glycerin, vitamin C, lactic acid, frankincense, pomegranate and rosehip. Use morning or night, every time you’re tired and feeling it in your skin.

Period faace

(AKA PMT faace, stressed faace, blemish faace, dry faace, sad faace, flushed faace, greasy faace)

Get your glow back, step off the seesaw of temperamental skin and kick potential breakouts to the curb with hydrating hyaluronic acid, green tea, lavender, clary sage, zinc and white willow. Use pre, during and post period.

Sweaty faace

(AKA Fitness faace, climate faace, anxious faace, got-a deadline /meeting/job interview/date-I’m-panicking-about faace)

Soothe and hydrate a sweaty complexion, whilst gently detoxifying and reducing blemishes with argan oil, grapefruit, bergamot, galbanum and patchouli. Perfect for pre, during and post workout or for sweaty/oily skin types.

Period Tired Sweaty Mini Faace Mask Collection mood1 min

Mini Mask Collection 3 x 30ml Masks


Out of stock