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REPAIR FOOD is a concentrated and potent wellness supplement that helps to repair skin function from the inside out. Specially created by Dr. Barbara Sturm to boost the body’s ability to contend with irritation as we age, each capsule provides a concentrated dosage of the flavonoids Boswellic and Ellagic Acids, which help the body deal with oxidative stress, and Purslane, an anti-aging powerhouse that helps calm the skin and reduce the visible signs of irritation. REPAIR FOOD helps to support our joints, muscles, and organs, including our largest organ, the skin. When paired with SKIN FOOD, you will see a radiant and healthy skin matrix as the two powerful supplements work throughout your body to nourish and boost the skin

  • Oral capsule
  • Helps repair skin function from the inside out
  • Created to combat the visible signs of irritation
  • Rejuvenating boost to joints muscles and organs, including the skin
  • Provides fundamental nutrition, resulting in healthier-looking, glowing skin

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Zinc, Frankincense Resin Extract (contains Boswellic Acid), Pomegranate Skin Extract (contains Ellagic Acid), Purslane Leaf Extract, Tumeric Root Extract (contains Curcuminoids), Pine Bark Extract (contains PAC-OPC), Liquorice Root Extract Oak Bark Extract (contains Quercetin), Thyme Extract, Sage Extract, Rosemary Extract.

How to Use

Take two capsules a day with water. Combine with Dr. Barbara Sturm’s SKIN FOOD supplement for best results.


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Dr. Barbara Sturm Repair Food


Out of stock