D’ORSAY C.G Vouloir être ailleurs


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In its tiny, sweet voice, “Vouloir être ailleurs” transports us back to heady, carefree times. Linden flower, honey and freshly-cut hay take us back to when we were 15. Almost adults yet cradled by the perfumes of our childhood. Little did we know then, that in just a few days, we would be grown up for good. A radiant interlude.


Notes: lemon tree leaves, angelica seed, linden flowers, acacia wood, beeswax, moon hay.


If you are like C.G, you are one of the Bright ones: discreet and sensitive. “Vouloir être ailleurs” evokes a restrained personality, both tender and reassuring.


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Skinlife D Orsay Vouloir etre ailleurs 90ml min

D'ORSAY C.G Vouloir être ailleurs

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