D’ORSAY A.R Les ombres fantastiques


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Les ombres fantastiques is a fragrance that brings the hidden shadows of our identities to light. The thing is, when vetiver and iris combine, the very foundations of our personalities are undermined. If the ultra-masculine and the ultra-feminine blend into one, who do I then become? Would I attract my own self, moving beyond the confines of human gender? One instant we’re an unshaven adventurer, the next, a solitary sailor.


Notes: bergamot, cardamom, cyclamen, iris, vetivercedar wood, sandalwood, white musk.


If you are like A.R, you are one of the Prestigious ones: assertive, with great powers of conviction. “Les Ombres Fantastiques” blurs the lines of identity: one moment an unshaven wanderer, the next a solitary navigator.


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Skinlife D Orsay Les ombres fantastiques 90ml min

D'ORSAY A.R Les ombres fantastiques

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