D’ORSAY A.N Acte d’amour furtif


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You’re not ready, and that’s precisely the point, for Acte d’amour furtif is an act of impulse. Cumin, iris and woody notes awaken your instinct in this heady, fragrant spray. Something that goes beyond all your reason, inhibitions, and concerns about what people might say. But here you are, after the act, with a stranger, and the world’s most perfect alibi: it was the perfume that did it, not I.


Notes: black pepper, bergamot, cumin, iris, Virginia cedar wood, amber wood.


If you are like A.N, you are one of the Vertiginous ones: a strong temperament with dramatic expression. “Acte d’amour furtif” brings to mind an instinctive and bold personality.


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Skinlife D Orsay Acte d amour furtif 90ml min

D'ORSAY A.N Acte d’amour furtif

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