D’ORSAY A.C J’approchais un mystère


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Since the beginning of time, two bodies that revolve around each other have always collided. The laws of natural attraction take on the playful notes of cedar wood, sandalwood and fresh fig leaf. I smell your perfume and the clock seems to stop as time turns. This is the point of no return. There is nobody but you. Attraction without gravity, if possible for all eternity.


Notes: pink pepper, fresh fig leafAtlas cedar woodVirginia cedar wood, sandalwood.


If you are like A.C, you are one of the Vertiginous ones: a strong temperament with dramatic expression. “J’approchais un mystère” brings to mind an intense and magnetic personality.


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Skinlife D Orsay J approchais un mystere 90ml min

D'ORSAY A.C J’approchais un mystère

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