Coton Scented Candle – Limited Edition

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The Coton Scented Candle with Lid by Diptyque is a scented candle that enriches the room with the scent of Coton.

Coton brings a softer, powdery nuance to tonka bean, resulting in a silky fragrance harmony of the Coton Scented Candle. Bergamot, violet leaf and ylang-ylang mingle with iris and musk for a soft, atmospheric ambience in the home. The scented candle is adorned with a stylish gold accessory to close the candle and add a graceful touch.

To celebrate the holiday season, Diptyque is showcasing the magic of the flame in a unique manner. In the form of a calligram inspired by the poetic definition found in the Encyclopédie des Lumières, “flame” becomes the central motif of a special collection.

Take Care

Your candle will burn clean and evenly down to the bottom of the glass if you burn it for at least two hours the first time – or until the whole top is liquid with wax. After blowing out your candle, center and straighten the wick. Trim the wick to about half a centimeter long before relighting the candle. By shortening the wick you allow it to burn more slowly and avoid unsightly black smoke marks around the edge of the glass.

Tip: Create your own scent by burning two candles together. Do not place the candle in a wind drought or directly on a glass or marble surface. Never leave a lit candle unattended. Never move or tip a lit candle.

Keep out of reach of children.

Coton Scented Candle Diptyque 190gr

Coton Scented Candle - Limited Edition

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