Gradual Tan Sculpting Mousse


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Gradual Tan Sculpting Mousse, self-tanning in just a few hours
Gradual Tan Sculpting Mousse is a self-tanning mousse for the body that provides a natural sun-kissed tone in just a few hours. It has a light, quickly absorbed texture and contains caffeine that helps improve skin firmness.

Contains 70% organically certified ingredients and 99% natural ingredients. The product is vegan, reef friendly and has a pino colada aroma. Self-tanning mousse for the body. Provides a tan tone in just a few hours.

Contains caffeine that improves skin firmness.

Recommendations for use
. For maximum color, apply a generous amount to your hand or the applicator side of the COOLA 2-in-1 Glove and spread evenly all over your body.

. Massage with circular movements and let dry before getting dressed. Wait 2 to 4 hours for the tan to fully develop and reapply as needed.

. Wait 6 to 8 hours before showering.

. For best results, exfoliate skin with the COOLA 2-in-1 Glove before use.

gradual tan sculping mousse 207ml

Gradual Tan Sculpting Mousse