BYREDO Oud Immortel





An ode to one of the most precious woods in perfumery, Oud Immortel eau de parfum from Byredo wraps the prized Eastern material in a veil of richly enchanting aromas.

Having gained great cultural relevance after its time-honoured use in traditional incense and perfume, the existence of oud is even recorded in the Sanskrit Vedas from India – one of the world’s oldest written texts. Celebrating the defence mechanism of the Aquilaria tree which, if it becomes infected with a specific type of mould, saturates its own woody core with a dark, highly fragrant resin (oud), this interpretation is tinted with cardamom, incense, Brazilian rosewood, papyrus, patchouli, moss and tobacco leaves for a rich, sophisticated scent.


Notes: cardamom, incense, Brazilian rosewood, papyrus, patchouli, moss, tobacco leaves.


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BYREDO Oud Immortel