Recedere Eau de Parfum 50ml




Arpa Studios’ second fragrance, Recedere, meaning “to withdraw” in Italian, draws its energy from the filtered light of the sun.

An earthy cloud of cade wood and licorice unveils spicy cinnamon accents to reveal the full character of the hal wood lining the Belgian blue forest. Ancient resinous nails of styrax, cedar and patchouli then give way to a floral heart of nroli and apricot blossom lingering over the Belgian blue forest and its ground covered with delicate hyacinths in a purple so soft it approaches midnight blue.

This perfume inspired the composer Erwan Sene to write the melodies “Quanta” and “Dull Orange Subject” (Part 1 and 2).


Head notes: cinnamon, licorice
Heart notes: apricot tree blossom, neroli
Base notes: cade wood, cedar, patchouli, styrax


Resonantly layered blown glass bottle by Jochen Holz, comes encapsulated on a two part cast glycerine case, that doubles as a perfumed cleansing soap, adding a tactile dimensions to the ARPA experiment.

Recedere Eau de Parfum

Recedere Eau de Parfum 50ml