Fosforo Eau de Parfum 50ml


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The third fragrance from Arpa Studios, Fosforo Eau de Parfum, meaning “phosphorus” in Italian, evokes the discovery of the wonders offered by the earth.

Immersed in the onsen thermal waters of Kyushu, Japan, marsh iris blends with sage to give the wearer a feeling of freshness, immediately enhanced by the power of cedar wood and birch gradually evaporating in the mists of hot steam. The effervescence of these traditional baths is brought here by the spicy notes of cumin, and cinnamon with smoky accents.

This perfume inspired the composer Joseph Schiano di Lombo in the writing of the melodies “Ce que la sylve révèle de l’astre jeune” and “De l’astre sage” (Part 1 and 2).


Head notes: artemisia, caraway, cinnamon, sage
Heart notes: orris
Base notes: birch, cedar, leather


Resonantly layered blown glass bottle by Jochen Holz, comes encapsulated on a two part cast glycerine case, that doubles as a perfumed cleansing soap, adding a tactile dimensions to the ARPA experiment.

Fosforo Eau de Parfum

Fosforo Eau de Parfum 50ml