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  • Shaving Cream Susanne Kaufmann

    This product was previously known as Shaving Cream Line M. The Shaving Cream by Susanne Kaufmann is a light, moisturising shaving cream that nourishes the skin and protects it from drying out. The refreshing formula with purifying ingredients cleanses the skin and is ideal for daily use. Irritations are visibly […]

  • After Shave Balm Susanne Kaufmann

    This product was previously known as After Shave Balm Line M. The After Shave Balm by Susanne Kaufmann is a gentle, moisturising balm to soothe sensitive skin and protect it from drying out as a result of shaving. The nourishing, healing formula promotes skin regeneration and acts as an anti-inflammatory. […]

  • Invigorating Face Gel Susanne Kaufmann

    Created to meet the needs of men’s skin, our grooming line features an intelligent blend of active botanicals for effective results. This hydrating face gel is formulated with a blend of witch hazel and aloe vera to soothe and care for dry skin, ectoin, clarifying apple fruit extract and sugarcane […]

  • Aesop Shine Hair and Beard Oil Out of Stock

    Aesop Shine Hair & Beard Oil is a silicone-free hydrating oil that nourishes and softens hair. This  silicone-free hydrating oil that nourishes and softens hair, delivers essential fatty acids, and imparts smoothness and luster without build-up or oily residue.

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    Aesop Moroccan Neroli Shaving Serum is enhanced with a blend of hydrating botanicals to facilitate a close and comfortable shave. This low-foaming gel is formulated for maximum slip for a seamless shave, whilst calming and softening skin. Sandalwood, neroli blossom and panthenol have a soothing effect – and are also […]

  • 45,00

    Aesop Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion is a unisex hydrator designed to soothe and replenish normal, combination and sensitive skin types after shaving. This lightweight lotion is boosted with fragrant botanical oils of sandalwood and neroli blossom alongside panthenol to remedy the irritating effects of shaving. Use it on the face, […]

  • Out of Stock

    Execute the perfect shave with Aesop’s Moroccan Neroli Shaving Duet, featuring a pair of sophisticated formulations to keep skin calm and comfortable during and post-shave. This shaving set presents a power duo for a close and comfortable shave. Enriched with Moroccan neroli blossom, sandalwood and panthenol, these formulas soothe and […]