Ta'if is a major city in western Saudi Arabia, approximately 70 kilometers from Mecca. Because of its relatively mild climate, the surrounding area of the city is a preferred growing area for fruits, cereals and vegetables. However, the area is especially famous for the Taif-Rose – a variety of the noble, intensely fragrant Damask rose.

In Rose Arabia's Taifi, the floral scent of the Taif rose is accentuated by Bulgarian rose and ylang ylang. This Arabian flower dream is framed by a citrus-fresh top note of tangerine and bergamot – and a seductive base with aromas of patchouli, agarwood, saffron, praline, vanilla and ambergris.

Size 100ml Edp
Ingredients Notes: Mandarin, bergamot, taif rose, Bulgarian rose, ylang-ylang, patchouli, agarwood, saffron, praline, vanilla, ambergris.

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