Quiet Luxury in Fragrances – What do they have in common?


“Quiet Luxury” has been one of the loudest topics in the world of fashion lately. But if we think properly, good quality fragrances are the best personification of that trend.

Why? We’ll explain everything…

First of all, what is Quiet Luxury?

Quiet Luxury refers to a concept in the realm of luxury goods and experiences that emphasizes understated elegance, quality and exclusivity. It focus on craftmanship, refined details and a more restrained aesthetic. It values timeless designs and premium materials.

Quiet luxury is often associated with a minimalist approach, where less is more. It values timeless designs, premium materials, and superior craftsmanship over logos or conspicuous branding.

This movement comes at a critical moment we are living of economic crisis, post pandemic, inflation and war, where it is not well seen to flaunt wealth.

Perfumes, especially niche, represent all of that: an understated approach to luxury, focusing on the intrinsic qualities and experiences that evoke a sense of refinement and exclusivity.

When we say good quality fragrances are the best personification of Quiet Luxury it’s because when we use a good perfume, most of the time, nobody knows what we are wearing or which brand it is from. People will notice your fragrance, they will be pleased with the smell, they will detect the quality, but in a quiet way, because there are no logos or brands. It is “just” the scent that will speak for itself in an abstract way. If people want to know what it is, they have to ask.

However, those that are easily recognizable, do not fall into this trend.

Quiet Luxury perfumes are often characterized by their nuanced compositions, using high quality ingredients and expert craftmanship to create a scent that unfolds gently on the skin. These fragrances tend to be more personal and introspective, evoking a sense of understated beauty.

They aim to create a captivating aura that draws people in, allowing them to discover the scent`s complexity and elegance up close.

Quiet luxury brands may not actively seek attention or advertise their products extensively. They rely on word-of-mouth, reputation, and the loyalty of their clientele.

The brands we carry at the SKINLIFE boutiques are renowened for enphasizing exactly that: craftmanship, exclusivity, high quality ingredients and artistic expression to their creations.

Here are some perfect examples of fragrances that embody Quiet Luxury:

Molecule 01 Escentric Molecules Scientifc Beauty
Molecule 01 Eau de Parfum
Escentric Molecules
Rose Saltifolia Eau de Parfum
Rose Saltifolia Eau de Parfum
Maison Crivelli

Iris Porcelana Ex Nihilo Skinlife
Iris Porcelana Eau de Parfum
Ex Nihilo
Aqua Universalis Cologne forte Eau de Parfum
Aqua Universalis Cologne forte
Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Arco Spettro Eau de Parfum
Arco Spectro Eau de Parfum
Arpa Studios
Skin scents are the era of quiet fragrance, they bring the wearer pleasure. So, if you fancy taking on the quiet luxury of perfumery, consider these skin scents for your next olfactive addition
Crystal Saffron Eau de Parfum
Matière Premiere

So, if you fancy taking on the quiet luxury of perfumery, consider these scents for your next olfactive addition.


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