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Presenting The Diffuser Collection

Next Memory, the birth child of SKINLIFE, was initially created to bring together the best parts of Portugal in one collection. Bottled to represent traditional wine gallons from the past, the aesthetic is kept contemporary so that everyone can have an entirely Portuguese product at home.

The SKINLIFE house came together to discuss their favourite scents and gave input on what certain smells evoke inside of them. Beige Jasmin Over Leather was a popular choice, giving light to its elegance and ability to create a modern and clean ambiance at home.

Jasmin is delicate and sophisticated, when its mixed with Leather it brings some mystic to me.

Alexandra, Marketing & Press

More than once it was brought to attention how specific scents can be used all over the home – how a bedroom can easily welcome Khaki Olive over Thyme with its calming and relaxing affect. And how Pink Lemon Over Orange can inject freshness and life into every bathroom.

Diffusers that differs from the rest

Is it normal to find a scent for everyone, for every season and for every ambient? Well for Next Memory it’s more than normal, it’s the identity of the brand. Take for example Red Orchid Over Log Fire, a smell of wintery bliss that conjures the feeling of sitting by the fire, wrapped in a cozy blanket.

But it’s not only the product itself that makes its special. The bottle, from top to bottom, inside and out is totally Portuguese. With the pandemic being a moment in time we will never forget and yet, still lingers in our everyday lives, it’s products like these that remind us how special it is to have something that hasn’t come from the other side of the world, but in fact designed and produced right here in Portugal.

And for our clients… bringing awareness to a minimized eco footprint is always a plus but what is so special for them, is taking home a little a bit of Portugal in a bottle.

The diffusers range in scents and sizes, available in 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml and even 3 & 5 Litres. There truly is something for everyone.

Where to find Next Memory in Lisbon?

Skinlife Chiado & Skinlife Avenida

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