Skinlife is a beauty and high perfumery boutique located in Lisbon, Portugal.
It offers an exclusive collection of perfumes, make-up, skin and hair care. It brings together world-famous niche brands which are not
available anywhere else in Portugal (95% of the brands are exclusive).
In addition to premium niche brands, Skinlife also offers personalized counseling and aesthetic services

Founded by two Dutch entrepreneurs - Dennis de Vries and Patrick Van Den Berg –,
Skinlife is considered the best perfumery niche shop in Portugal and leads in personal and in-story beauty counselling services.
Prior to opening SKINLIFE, Dennis had worked for several luxury cosmetic brands, such as La Mer, and later become a manager for
a large chain of beauty niche shops in the Netherlands.
Patrick, the other partner, was a makeup artist for the Chanel House in Benelux for more than 5 years.
Furthermore, his Portuguese origins from his mother’s side allowed him to speak a little of the
Portuguese language that facilitated the adaptation.

In January 2012, Skinlife opened its first store at the number 4, Rua Paiva de Andrade, in Chiado
a busy downtown area of Lisbon, becoming our Flagship store.
6 Years later, Skinlife opened its second physical store in Rua Manuel Jesus Coelho 4A, near Avenida, the high-end shopping district.
More particularly, the new store was in a different shopping pattern district, close to boutiques like Louis Vuitton and Gucci.
This decision resulted from the need to serve another type of clients, that loved Skinlife products
but did not spend time in the area of the first shop.  We are always selecting new brands and products that tell a story,
have a philosophy, represent a dream and then make them available to our customers.