Bergamot from Calabria and the sweetness of a white musk accord are intertwined with an effervescent surge of diaphanous white flowers, such as mock orange and sweet pea. Aqua Universalis Cologne forte embodies the joy of whiteness, radiance, the purity of a breath of fresh, enveloping air.

Ingredients Damascena Rose In perfumery, only two varieties of rose are used for their fragrant properties: rosa damascena and rosa centifolia. The Damascena rose or Damask rose's appeal lies in its highly distinctive honeyed accents and slightly spicy scent. Originally from Persia, this very old variety is the most used in perfumery. It is now cultivated in Bulgaria, Turkey or Iran. Different perfumed products, such as rose water, rose oil and rose absolute, are obtained by using various methods of extraction, each with their distinctive olfactory characteristics. The rose absolute is obtained by volatile solvent extraction. It has generous rosy floral notes used mainly in the heart and base of a fragrance.

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