The Best of French Perfumary – D’Orsay

At SKINLIFE, we are always on the hunt for the best niche brands that the world has to offer. Not only do we strive to offer our customers only but the best products, we also look for brands that have a story to tell, something that makes them special and unique.

The Story

Alfred D’Orsay, the son of a patron and Napoleonic general was born in 1801 and grew up in France. He rubbed shoulders with the greatest minds and creators of his time and had an assertive but sometimes disconnected view of the world that made him the icon of the famous New Yorker for each anniversary issue since 1925.  

The first fragrance was born out of love of his wife Marguerite Blessington, they loved each other beyond convention, throwing up trouble during their travels between Italy, France and England. The perfume he created was a fragrance of absolution that they could both wear, a fragrance without a label, in a small bottle decorated with a piece of blue ribbon; giving birth to the first unisex fragrance.


Co-owner of SKINLIFE, Dennis, tells us how and why he fell in love with the brand D’Orsay.

“The quality of the fragrance is just amazing, they come from a very refined French Perfumery. We will have the full collection of ten perfumes, all are unique, so much so, that each fragrance contains the initials of it’s creator on the bottle. These initials represent a certain personality that each fragrance contains; clients will be able find the descriptions of each personality thats we have specially included on our online store.”

Favourite fragrance from the collection is Je Suis le Plus Grand due to its molecular/ pheromone affect on the skin.

Dennis, Co-owner SKINLIFE
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The SKINLIFE boutiques will be carrying not only D’Orsay fragrance but also a collection of six scented candles. Visit one of our stores where a you can have a special one-to-one experience, where you can pick your best suited fragrance or home scent.

Where to find d´Orsay Paris in Portugal?

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