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Genetic Bliss Eau de Parfum speaks to our base potential, the essence of who and what we are — the unshakeable.

A molecular perfume designed to adapt to your body’s unique natural scent, it’s infused with woody notes like akigalawood, belambre, and creamy sandalwood for a fragrance as singular as your genetic code.

As a molecular perfume, this fragrance does not evolve over time, but blends consistently and linearly into its surroundings. Great as a stand-alone or in combination with other 27 87 perfumes.


Compiled with 5 captives, a linear fragrance with spicy woody notes blanced with a creamy sandalwood side.
– Akigalawood® – a woody note with aspects of patchouli, spices (pepper) and oud.
– Belambre® – an intense dry woody note.
– Moxalone® – an elegant musk note with aspects of wood, diffusive and versatile.
– Javanol® – the richest sandalwood note, woody, creamy and warm with aspects of rose.
– Georgywood® – a very sophisticated woody-ambery note with aspects of vetiver.


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Genetic Bliss Eau de Parfum

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