Lifting & BrightenING Eyelid & EYE Contour PRIMER

A 100% filling-resurfacing tinted primer for the eyelids and eye contours. A complexion base with an imperceptible coverage for a high light mineral correction.

A Hyaluronic Acid perfecting look mousse, integral filler extra-tensor for a long


  • Hyaluronic Acid molecules “whisked until stiff”: Filling, hydrating, plumping and smoothing Soft-Focus Prisms: Correction and radiance.
  • Ultra -Thin Mineral Pigments : Auto-adapting color, Skin’s natural tone camouflage, anti-dark circles, anti-imperfection.

How to Use With the flat mousse applicator, apply to your eye contour and eyelids, either on bare skin or over makeup. Use your fingertips to blend the colour carefully, allowing the texture to melt in.
Size 7.5ml

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