Oman Luxury

Oman Luxury is an independent perfume house founded in 2012 after the encounter between Muatasim, Muadh, and Ahmed. Together, they began their quest to create a true olfactory expression of Oman, using the finest ingredients to highlight every aspect of Oman’s culture and heritage in an artistic way of combining authenticity and modernity, resulting in a range of exquisite and bespoke scents


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    Eau de Perfume 100ml

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    Eau de Parfum 100ml

  • Oman Luxury Khanjar

    Oman Luxury Khanjar is inspired by the Omani heritage, we present to you a symbol of prestige and divine beauty. Khanjar reflects the authenticity of Oman’s historic symbol in a fragrance that opens with a rich infusion of floral notes, saffron, and bergamot followed by a precious combination of oud, […]

  • Oman Luxury Mariya Out of Stock

    Oman Luxury Mariya is a precious handcrafted jewel of a young beautiful Omani woman. Mariya is a rich blend of love and glamour. The fragrance opens with an essence of fresh fruity and floral notes followed by an overwhelming heart that emerges with the essence of red roses with a […]

  • Oman Luxury Belfiore Out of Stock

    Oman Luxury Belfiore is a fragrance inspired by one of Oman’s hidden treasure, a place famous for its palm and fruit trees such as apricot, grapes, and pomegranates. Wakan village has breathtaking scenery set high up in the sky. It’s a place that evokes a sense of tranquility and serenity, […]

  • Oman Luxury Paramour

    Oman Luxury Paramour is a lavish and erotic leathery rose fragrance with tangy fruity and almost candy like aroma. Iced with smoky leather notes that invokes sensuality with hints of syrupy caramel, vanilla, musk and amber.

  • Oman Luxury Overdose Out of Stock

    Oman Luxury Overdose is inspired to evoke an uplifting vibe of extreme bliss. The fragrance starts off with an overdosed freshness of citruses enriched with spices. Followed by a floral heart featuring jasmine, lily and orange flower to an overwhelming rich base composed of vetiver, ambergis, musk and patchouli.

  • Oman Luxury Serenity Out of Stock

    Oman Luxury Serenity is a sensual blend of elements that imparts presence, texture and perfect harmony. Inspired by the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. Serenity is enriched with a masterfully dosed element of cumin, other spices and oud. It takes a traditional Middle Eastern style of composition and infuses it with […]

  • Oman Luxury Royal Incense

    Oman Luxury Royal Incense is a Fragrance inspired by Omani frankincense with a smoky aroma, charming your senses with it’s archaic allure, one that instantly demands warmth and tranquility. Honey, musk, amber and leather, binding as it flows.

  • Oman Luxury Oud Aquilaria Out of Stock

    Oman Luxury Oud Aquilaria revives your emotions with a rich oudy rose fragrance. The fragrance opens with delicate touches of pink pepper, rosemary and a sweet illusion of apple followed by a lovely floral bouquet. Oud accord appears seductive at the drydown with hints of patchouli and amber.

  • Oman Luxury Wanderlust

    Oman Luxury Wanderlust is an inspiration resembling a boundary breaking wanderlust. Free spirited, effortless, curios and vibrant.The fragrance opens with fresh notes of bergamot, lemon and black currant infused with a soft spicy blend of pink pepper, cinnamon and saffron. Cedar wood and guaiac wood reveals a woody touch at […]