Arpa Studios

A collection where synesthesia is in the spotlight: each creation associates an aroma with a landscape, a translucent color evoking a geographical memory, an auditory memory, or a material. The fragrances have inspired the composers Cyrus Bayandor, Erwan Sene and Joseph Schiano di Lombo for their melodies, conceived like frequencies.


3 Products

  • Recedere Eau de Parfum

    Arpa Studios’ second fragrance, Recedere, meaning “to withdraw” in Italian, draws its energy from the filtered light of the sun. An earthy cloud of cade wood and licorice unveils spicy cinnamon accents to reveal the full character of the hal wood lining the Belgian blue forest. Ancient resinous nails of…

  • Fosforo Eau de Parfum

    The third fragrance from Arpa Studios, Fosforo Eau de Parfum, meaning “phosphorus” in Italian, evokes the discovery of the wonders offered by the earth. Immersed in the onsen thermal waters of Kyushu, Japan, marsh iris blends with sage to give the wearer a feeling of freshness, immediately enhanced by the…

  • Arco Spettro Eau de Parfum

    Arco Spettro Eau de Parfum, Italian for “ghost arch”, is Arpa Studios’ first fragrance and is inspired by the emergence of life in the acidic baths of Dallol, Ethiopia. The resinous notes of opopanax, guaiac wood and vetiver are joined by the sparkling, spicy notes of nutmeg that emanate from…