Blend Oud

BLEND OUD is inspired by a distant heritage originating from Arabic master perfumers who, with precision, patience and noble gestures, mixed the most exceptional raw materials, thus shaping the most refined and fascinating olfactory culture. BLEND OUD encapsulates the spirituality of perfume composition and draws on a thousand-year-old know-how - handed down from father to son for generations - to revive antique and unique scented recipes.

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Blend Oud Mirage

The amber soul of MIRAGE evokes the power of imagination, the capacity to picture through our mind’s..

Blend Oud Original Ghazal

“Ghazal”, in Arabic, designates the goats of the desert. The idea behind the creation of this fragra..

Blend Oud Original Khoul

This fragrance, which name refers to the art of ”blending”, is an ode to harmony. In cooking, as in ..

Blend Oud Original Rams

RAMS is an Arabic female name. The fragrance is inspired by the charm of a woman who, with her poise..

Blend Oud Original Teeb

TEEB, in Arabic, means “good”, “pure”. The fragrance is a bucolic portrait, a tribute to the goodnes..

Blend Oud Safari

Lively accords sign the personality and strong temperament of this fragrance that incarnates free sp..

Blend Oud Sultan

SULTAN is the olfactory illustration of private royal apartments: those of a young Sultan, a man of ..

Blend Oud Voyage Oud Marrakech

OUD MARRAKECH is an olfactory photography of the Medina of Marrakech where, at sunset, a young water..

Blend Oud Voyage Oud Sapphire

OUD SAPPHIRE is a journey at the heart of Madagascar, in the village of Ilakaka, where the first adv..
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