Ambergris – The Ocean’s Hidden Gem


This mysterious substance has been captivating hearts and minds for centuries and we are sure that it will captivate yours too.

In an aquatic wonderland, something truly remarkable occurs. Hidden deep within the belly of mighty sperm whales, a secret treasure is formed.

We’re talking about ambergris – nature’s very own hidden gem. Ambergris is a waxy substance that is formed in the intestines of these magnificent creatures. But how does it come to be?

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Whale, the seafood feast

The story begins with a whale, indulging in a seafood feast. As they munch on squid and fish, they occasionally ingest a little creature called cuttlefish. These are not ordinary, they possess a superpower! Once the cuttlefish finds itself in the whale’s tummy, something magical happens. It releases an enchanting compound that transforms the whale’s gastric juices into a veritable symphony of fragrances. The result? Our beloved ambergris slowly takes shape.

Imagine the whale, swimming through the vast ocean, carrying within itself this precious treasure. As time passes, the waxy substance becomes denser and richer, like a fine wine aging in an underground cellar. It morphs into an insteresting substance with a unique scent that has captivated the hearts of perfume makers throughout history. It´s aroma is a heavenly dance of musk, earthiness, and oceanic allure.

The perfumers and connoisseurs roam the shores, their eyes scanning the horizon for any sign of ambergris washed ashore. When they spot it, it’s like discovering a rare, shimmering pearl in the sand.

Despite its origin, ambergris develops an appealing fragrance due to oxidation and exposure to sunlight and seawater. In perfumery, ambergris is highly valued for its fixative properties, meaning it helps the fragrance last longer and enhances its overall composition. Due to its rarity and regulations surrounding the use of ambergris, synthetic alternatives are often used in modern perfumery. This makes it a more sustainable and ethical alternative for perfumers, as the use of ambergris has been restricted due to environmental concerns and the protection of marine life.

Due to the cost and ethical concerns associated with natural ambergris sourcing, ambroxan was created. A synthetic compound created in a laboratory, designed to replicate the aroma of ambergris and provide a similar scent profile. Ambroxan has a musky, ambery, creamy, and slightly sweet and salty aroma with rich and long-lasting qualities, serving as a fixative to extend the longevity of fragrances, making it a popular ingredient in perfumery.

Here are some perfect examples of fragrances with ambergris:

Molecule 02 Escentric Molecules Scientifc Beauty.jpg
Molecule 02 Eau de Parfum
Escentric Molecules
Lys Solaberg Eau de Parfum Maison Crivelli
Lys Solaberg Eau de Parfum
Maison Crivelli

Young Rose Eau de Parfum BYREDO
Young Rose Eau de Parfum
Hazard Bazar Eau de Parfum Maison Matine
Hasard Bazar Eau de Parfum
Maison Matine
Sel DArgent BDK Parfums
Sel D’Argent Eau de Parfum
BDK Parfums
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Crystal Saffron Eau de Parfum
Matière Premiere

Unlike ambergris, which can vary in scent due to its origin and processing, ambroxan offers a standardized aroma that perfumers can rely on. Synthetic alternatives like ambroxan provide a sustainable option without compromising on scent quality.

So, next time you catch a whiff of a mesmerizing scent that transports you to distant shores, think of the extraordinary journey of ambergris. From the belly of the mighty whale to the hands of artisans, it weaves a tale of magic, mystery, and the timeless beauty of the ocean.

And who knows, perhaps one day you’ll stumble upon this rare treasure yourself, becoming part of its enchanting narrative. Until then, let the story of ambergris perfume your imagination and whisk you away on an aromatic adventure like no other.


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