Celebrate the festivities with merry muddlement; intoxicate your senses with this limited edition eau de toilette featuring notes of saffron, plum and oak-aged rum.

London via Sussex
Succulent Victoria plums fermenting in a honeyed cordial. A distillation of dark, rich rum aged in oak barrels. The lingering, spiced warmth of saffron. Decant an infusion of matured opulence.

Tantalising. Opulent. Intoxicating.

How to Use For lovers of deep scents, introduce this eau de toilette into your beauty rituals for the festive season - pair with the Muddled Plum Bath & Shower Gel for fragrance layering.
Size 50ml Edt
Ingredients notes: orange, saffron, elemi, plum, davana, oak-aged rum, sandalwood, benzoin and musk.

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