KILIAN turns up the heat with two, limited edition summer fragrances inspired by the sun, sin and style of the city of Miami. The iconic KILIAN perfume flacon pays tribute to the art and design intelligentsia, with linear lines like Miami’s distinctive Art Deco design sensibilities of transparent glass in gallery-wall and of a vibrant coral paintbrush.

Love the way you Taste recreates a sparkling and sophisticated Mojito cocktail in a refreshing fragrance. 

It hits with head notes of lemon and peppermint for an invigorating first impression. Once the lips touch the cocktail glass, the elixir reveals heart notes of green leaves and magnolia flower. It remains on the skin with an effervescent sparkle, long-lasting accords of a summertime tonic of sparkling water and vetiver.

Size 50ml Edp
Ingredients Notes: lemon, peppermint, green leaves, magnolia flower,sparkling water, vetiver.

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