Prepare to fall in love with ironing (yes, really!) thanks to this cornstarch solution. Unlike grocery store-brand starches, this fresh-scented, non-aerosol spray is formulated to avoid buildup while adding a light to moderate hold with a crisp finish.

Starch adds crispness and structure, providing body to cotton and linen items. It also eases ironing and creates a higher resistance to wrinkling and soiling. Durable synthetics can also be “starched,” but cannot be treated with grocery store-brand spray starch. Stiffen Up is safe for both natural and durable synthetic fabrics such as polyester. Unlike grocery store-brand spray starch, it won’t flake, coat, or damage fabrics.

The start-to-finish laundering collection is scented in Classic, the ultimate “clean laundry smell.”

Size 250ml
Ingredients Deionized water, cornstarch, essential oils, and fragrance

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